SafetyFirst: Stop & Resolve

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SafetyFirst: Stop & Resolve

Stop! One word and an easy-to-adopt behavior mean safer care for our patients. As you know, Saint Joseph and KentuckyOne Health recently introduced a major safety initiative: SafetyFirst. One of the key safety behaviors we are now learning and adopting is “Stop & Resolve.” What does this mean for you and your work group? Our patients?

Simply put, Stop & Resolve means:

  1. If you are concerned about a patient intervention or unusual care handoff,
    don’t hesitate to stop.
  2. Ask clarifying questions and use your critical thinking skills. Studies have shown that asking one or two clarifying questions reduces the chance of error by 2.5 times!
  3. Validate and verify what is causing your concern. Think through the task you are about to perform – or your team is about to perform. Is there an outside source you can verify the information or the patient intervention with?

Learning and adopting the safety behavior Stop & Resolve not only helps make our hospital safer for patients, it also makes it safer for each other.

Watch for more information about safety and error prevention techniques to put into practice as part of the SafetyFirst initiative!

Click here for a worksheet you can use to review Stop & Resolve with your staff.
Click here for a flyer you can post about Stop & Resolve.

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