OneCare: What is CPOE?

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What is CPOE?

CPOE, which stands for Computerized Provider Order Entry, is the electronic entry of instructions for the treatment of patients under a provider’s care. Orders are communicated to the staff or to the departments (pharmacy, laboratory, radiology) responsible for fulfilling the order. CPOE has the potential to decrease errors related to handwriting or transcription, decrease turnaround times, decrease length of stay and decrease cost of care.

To improve care quality and patient safety, CHI is creating common order sets for use with CPOE across its hospitals, including those across KentuckyOne Health. The CPOE implementation is part of the Clinical Content project of OneCare, CHI’s multiyear program that will create a universal, shared, electronic health record (EHR) for each KentuckyOne Health patient.

Click here to learn more about the process for creating order sets and why is it important for physicians and clinicians across KentuckyOne Health to register, review and comment on order sets at this time.

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